The Killing of Sister George
Wednesday 18th January to Saturday 21st January 2012

Synopsis ‘Sister George’ is a beloved character in the popular radio series Applehurst, a nurse who ministers to the medical needs and personal problems of the local villagers. She is played by June Buckridge, who in real life is a gin-guzzling, cigar-chomping, slightly sadistic masculine woman, the antithesis of the sweet character she plays. She is often called George in real life, and lives with Alice “Childie” McNaught, a younger dim-witted woman, she often verbally and sometimes physically abuses. When George discovers that her character is scheduled to be killed, she becomes increasingly impossible to work and live with. Mercy Croft, an executive at the radio station, intercedes in her professional and personal lives supposedly to help, but she actually has an agenda of her own.

Production Team and Cast
Director Sasha Silver
June Buckridge (Sister George) A middle-aged cigar smoking woman who is a character in a radio series.
Alice 'Childie' McNaught A girl-woman in her thirties, looking deceptively young and pale looking.
Mrs Mercy Croft A well-groomed lady of indeterminate age, gracious of manner and freezingly polite. She works for the BBC.
Madame Xenia A fortune teller of foreign origins who lives upstairs.
Additional Info Sasha is directing ‘The Killing of Sister George’ as a tribute to Sally Vince who sadly passed away this year. This play was chosen as it was one that Sally wanted to direct herself.
Contacts For further information contact Sasha on 07881505067 or via email at

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