The Baker's Wife
Tuesday 28th September to Saturday 2nd October 2010
Green Room


Having been without bread for seven weeks, the villagers are deliriously joyful when their new baker Aimable Castagnet arrives with his new, young wife Genevieve and cooks up his first batch of fresh warm bread.

Everything seems delicious again...that is until the young, strapping local handyman Dominique seduces Genevieve away from her older husband and runs away with her.

Aimable crumbles - and so do his bread making abilities! And as the heat wears off in a hotel room between Genevieve and Dominique, she begins to long for her old home by the oven and her steady and lovingly warm husband...and the villagers wonder if they’ll ever be fed again.

Production Team and Cast
Director Louise Fowkes
Producer David Burton
Musical Director Debbie Warren
Choreographer Andi Narsi
Aimable Richard Thompsett
Genevieve Jo Cullen
Dominique Patrick Barrett
Denise Nikki Sowe
Claude Simon Openshaw
M. le. Marquis Crispian Shepley
Barnaby Michael Thompsett
Hortense Alyson Coulson
M.Martine Michael May
M. le. Cure Olly Reeves
Therese Louise Blewett
Philippe Dan Bickerdike
Pierre Vincent Baldwin
Simone Kate Chapman
Inez Siobhan Ames
Nicole Kit Mei Kong
Stage Manager Lucy Mathews
Additional Info Adapted by Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Godspell, Children of Eden) from the film La Femme de Boulanger, The Baker’s Wife, a charming musical set during the late 1930s, follows the endearing but contentious inhabitants of a small rural village in Provence.
Tickets from £11

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Limited

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