Anything Goes
Tuesday 26th March to Saturday 30th March 2013
Dorking Halls

Synopsis Elisha Whitney, a successful banker, waits for his assistant, Billy Crocker, in a New York City bar. Billy drops off some items but forgets his boss' passport, and is told to deliver it to the cruise ship the following morning. Billy's old friend Reno Sweeny, a sexy Evangelist turned nightclub singer, plans to travel on the same boat as Whitney. Reno is interested in Billy romantically but Billy explains to her that he is in love with a girl named Hope.

When Billy boards the ship to drop off the passport, he discovers that his long lost love, Hope, is a passenger, and is to be married. As he tries to find Hope before the ship sails, two FBI agents force Billy to show them where the minister is whom they believe is a wanted criminal, Snake Eyes Johnson. Billy inadvertently identifies the wrong minister to the FBI and lets the real gangster, Moonface Martin, escape. Moon and his friend Erma are indebted to Billy, and thank him by giving him their friend's unused ticket and room. The problem is that their friend is still wanted by the FBI and Billy must disguise himself for the rest of the trip in order to stay out of jail. He must also stay out of Whitney's sight, because his boss specifically sent him off the ship to sell some shares.

Billy convinces Reno to help him win Hope's heart and manages to spend some time alone with Hope because Evelyn is seasick. Moon and Erma also help Billy by finding him a disguise and stealing Whitney’s glasses so he can barely see anything during the whole trip. Moon and Reno come up with a plan for Reno to seduce Evelyn,and break off the engagement. Although the plan fails, Reno realises she really likes Evelyn. The Purser finally catches Billy, but when the passengers discover a celebrity on board, Billy gets the red-carpet treatment.

During Reno's Sermon/Nightclub act Billy’s true identity is finally discovered when he admits he is not really Snake Eyes Johnson and that he is on the ship to win Hope. Billy and Moon are finally sent to the ship's brig. Later that night Evelyn professes his love to Reno although he still plans to fulfil his obligation to marry Hope. Reno helps her friends escape jail and, disguised as Chinese, Billy and Moon manage to prevent Hope’s wedding to Evelyn. Whitney gets lucky and his stock goes through the roof and finally, three happy couples marry.
Production Team and Cast
Director Gail Lowe
Producer Stuart Yeatman
Musical Director Sandra Horne
Choreographer Gail Lowe
Billy Crocker Elliott Griffiths
Reno Sweeney Sasha Silver
Hope Harcourt Rosita Gibbons
Evangeline Harcourt Annabelle Farrell
Erma Anna Tippelt
Angel 1 Caroline Dabney
Angel 2 Kate Chapman
Angel 3 Clare Holloway
Angel 4 Kit Mei Kong
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh Gavin Bell
Captain James Baird
John Atlanta Yeatman
Minister Henry T Dobson Nick Jordan-Moss
Fred Nick Jordan-Moss
Barber Shop Sailor 1 Matthew Benbrook
Luke Matthew Benbrook
Elisha Whitney Murray Stephen
Barber Shop Sailor 2 James Baird
Barber Shop Sailor 3 Patrick Gardner
Barber Shop Sailor 4 Gary Staff
Chorus Emily Johnson
Chorus Atlanta Yeatman
Chorus Charly Ralph
Chorus Liz Lindsay
Chorus Bryony Page
Chorus Mandy Begg
Moonface Martin Olly Reeves
Additional Info Tickets are on sale now from the Dorking Halls Box Office.... they can be booked online by visiting

Ticket Prices:
Tuesday 26th March: Stalls £14, Bleachers £16, Balcony £12 
Wednesday 27th March: Stalls £16, Bleachers £18, Balcony £14 
Thursday 28th March: Stalls £16, Bleachers £18, Balcony £14 
Friday 29th March: Stalls £16, Bleachers £18, Balcony £14 
Saturday 30th March (Matinee): Stalls £14, Bleachers £16, Balcony £12 
Saturday 30th March (Evening): Stalls £16, Bleachers £18, Balcony £14 

Concessions: £2 off the price of any ticket for OAPs (over 60's) and children (under 16)
Contacts Stuart Yeatman on 07831 509025 or at
Tickets from £12-£18 (concessions available)

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with MusicScope International

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