Jazz in the Green Room
Wednesday 22nd July to Saturday 25th July 2015
Green Room

Additional Info
Audition Details

Auditions will be on Sunday 19th April at The Green Room Theatre.
This review comprises Song, Dance and Music.

Dance auditions will be at 2pm
Singing Auditions will be at 3pm

This musical review will lean more towards jazz.

Audition pieces can be found in the
Dowload section.
Pick one or two and learn the piece, come prepared.

Some of the music files are quite large and take up to a minute to load and play. Be patient.

If you are interested or want to know more about this production please do get in touch with Olly, the Director on ollyreeves@gmail.com
or Stuart, the Producer on stuartyeatman@aol.com.

Tickets will be on sale from Friday 24th April.
Tickets £10 Members £12 Non Members

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