The Actor's Nightmare and The End Of The Beginning
Wednesday 18th May to Saturday 21st May 2016
Green Room

Synopsis A double bill of one-act comedies await you at the Green Room Theatre!

The Actor's Nightmare An accountant manages to find his way into a theatre where he's mistaken for the understudy As fate would have it, he has to go on that night. He is thrust into performance alongside colourful, experienced actors but just as he thinks he's got the measure of it, the play changes and he's adrift again. The results are hilarious!

The End of the Beginning Darry, an Irish farmer, decides his wife’s daily work is a lot easier than his. So, with the help of his neighbour, Barry, they swap places. Needless to say they fail ridiculously! Seldom performed but brilliantly crafted, this hysterical farce involves a cow, a banjo and a fireplace. Sheer genius! We are thrilled to be introducing two new members, Ricardo Sanchez and Kelly Twine. Alongside them in the cast are tried and trusted Emily Ayres, Louise Blewett, Simon Coppen-Gardner, Steven Mann and Terry Mayne. Rehearsals for both plays are a riot of fun. Come and join us for a great night out.
Tickets Tickets from £10

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